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Have you ever laid your head on your pillow at night and wondered, “is this it? is this all my life was supposed to be?” And don’t get me wrong, you are also grateful. You are grateful for your family, your accomplishments, but you also feel like something is missing.

I was in your shoes years ago and it took me creating intentional habits to increase my vision and discipline (which is a GOOD thing) into my day to start to feel alive again. And I can help you feel the same way!

Through my framework around faith, personal development, and fitness, I help clients regain perspective in their lives, create habits to help them thrive, and lead a more joyful, integrated life.

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About Me:

Audrey is a Catholic Life & Confidence Coach with over 10 years of coaching experience helping Latina women build confidence in themselves by creating solid habits. Through her framework of developing daily disciplines for women to build out grounding techniques that nurture their mind, body, and soul, Audrey takes a holistic approach to ensure that her clients are thriving as a whole, and not just in the workplace.

Born of Dominican parents, Audrey understands first hand how daughters of immigrants are prone to struggle with indecision, setting boundaries, and finding their voice. The result is a client who is self-aware, self-confident, and able to trust herself and her vision for the future.

Life Coaching for Audrey was a result of her own evolution from years of marketing in the music industry to helping run her family’s three supermarkets, where she is still a partner today. She is also a mom of 3 boys and has recently picked up Salsa dancing on her free time, all of which keep her life full of joy.